Equitation is the art of riding horseback correctly. There are three main styles of equitation:

Hunt–Seat Equitation is a performance class in which the rider is judged on basic position in the saddle, legs, seat, and hands in a hunt seat saddle and on the use of the aids during individual and group work.

Saddle Seat Equitation is an English style of riding developed for very up-headed, high trotting, excitingly forward moving horses.

Stock Seat Equitation is a Western class in which the rider is judged on this horsemanship, style, and ability, and effectiveness at applying aids (reins, legs, seat, &c.)

Seat is defined as the position of the rider in the saddle, including the manner in which the rider holds his arms and legs. A correct seat should combine the weight and position of the rider with the weight and position of the horse, so that the two perform together as one.

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