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Monthly Price*

“Evermore Enthusiast”
Monthly Price**

(Approx. 12’x12’)



(Approx. 12’x 16’+)



(Approx. 12’x24’)









A Late Fee of $3.00 per day after the 7th of the month.

* Prices include water, bedding, and daily stall cleaning. Hay is priced separately and prices per portion per month fluctuate based on type and cost.

** At SJCEC we want to foster connection and community, while promoting good horsemanship. To that end, we encourage all boarders to become an Evermore Enthusiast by affiliating with a current trainer at SJCEC.
The trainer and type of service you choose is up to you and the trainer. Services could range from help with turnout when you can’t be at the barn, to riding lessons, to full training for your horse(s).

Hay Type Price per Portion/Month
Cubes $55
Alfalfa $65
Bermuda $65
Timothy $85
Orchard $85


  • Classic stall feeding 2 timothy @ 7am, 1 alfalfa @ noon, 2 timothy @ 4pm
    $910 + $85 + $85 + $65 + $85 + $85 = $1315 (5 portions of feed per month)
  • Signature stall feeding 1 alfalfa 3 times per day.
    $1080 + $65 +$65 +$65 = $1275 (3 portions of feed per month)
  • Premium stall feeding 1 Alfalfa@7am, 1 Orchard@Noon, 1 Cubes@4pm $1340 + $65 + $85 + $55 = $1545 (3 portions of feed per month)
  • Any fraction of a portion will be charged as 1 portion.

We strive to continue to provide and maintain the finest facility in Orange County.

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Rates are effective as of 1 March 2024 and subject to change.

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